Thursday, November 30, 2023

Death of Jamshedpur college boy and school girl: Police term it as suicide case

Fail to establish the reason behind the act

Jamshedpur: The city police have concluded that the gun-shot death of a college boy and a teenaged girl at the Joggers’ Park in Jugsalai is a case of suicide. Without establishing as to what led the two young persons to end life, the police has said that it is a suicide case.

 After grilling a number of friends of the deceased youth and also going through the background, the police concluded that the girl and the youth were lovers, but due to some reason they killed themselves.

 “We have concluded that it is a case of suicide, but what we are yet to establish is the reason behind it,” said deputy superintendent of police (law and order), Alok Ranjan.

 “Now we are trying to find out the reason behind the suicide.  We are trying to detect whether Saroj was under pressure from his parents or other member of the family pertaining to his affair with a girl or there was any other reason that led to the sad end,” said the DSP (law and order).

 Bullet-riddled bodies of 20-year-old Saroj Upadhyay and 17-year-old girl Simran Kumar were found lying on the Joggers’ Park near Tata Pigment Ltd in Jugsalai on Wednesday morning.  A pistol was found lying at the hand of Simran and three empty cartridges were also found lying at the spot.

 While Saroj was a resident of Lalbuilding area in Bagbera, Simran was a resident of River View Colony in Baroda Ghat, also in Bagbera though about two kms away apart.

 The police have scanned the CCTV footage from the Tata Pigment Ltd’s gate, which was the nearest point where the bodies were found.  But the spot was out of the range from the CCTV cameras at the Tata Pigment, so the police studied through other CCTV cameras on the way, they had assumed the two might have come through.

 According to police, in one of the footage they spotted a bike in which Saroj and Simran were sitting pillion and another youth riding it.  The youth was later identified as Anish Kumar, a friend of Saroj.  The police picked up Anish and interrogated him, making him to speak whatever had happened after 1.30 am on Wednesday.

 According to police, Anish had received a call from Saroj at about 1.30 am on Wednesday. “As per details gathered Saroj had requested Anish to drop him and his girl-friend Simran at Marine Drive in Sonari, but Anish did not agree to go so far.  Hence he brought them upto the  park and dropped the duo at about 2 am and returned home. At about 6 am, he came to the Joggers’ Park for the morning walk and would Saroj and his girl-friend lying in a pool of blood,” said a police officer.

 According to the police officer, Saroj told Anish that the girl had left her home at about 1 am and came to Saroj’s house. She was insisting on either Saroj elope her away or keep her at his house. 

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