Thursday, March 23, 2023

Day two of ‘KRONOS’21’: Focus on ‘Leadership Agility’


Jamshedpur, Aug 2: The day two of  ‘KRONOS’21’, XLRI’s flagship Human Resources Conclave started with the keynote session on ‘Leadership Agility’ by Suresh Narayanan, chairman and managing director, Nestle India Ltd and ‘How to be the best candidate for hiring?’ by Anurag Patnaik, head of human resource, Nestle.

The plenary address by Abhijit Bhaduri, founder & CEO Abhijit Bhaduri & Associates, Leadership & Personal Branding Coach was on ‘Careers in a Hybrid Corporate World’ and a Heart-to-Heart Chat followed by plenary address with Ma Foi K. Pandiarajan, Founder Ma Foi Management Consultant Ltd. and CIEL HR Services.

As keynote speaker Suresh Narayanan said: “There are four characteristics of the Post pandemic world that are going to impact all of us quite significantly; one is the brush with uncertainty. Unfortunately, now we are in the phase of acute uncertainty. The economic and social fabric is getting decimated very quickly, so it is being unbuilt, rebuilt and then again unbuilt. There is uncertainty. This is something that is not new to many of us, but the size scale and the sustainability of uncertainty is a question at hand, and I think that that is something that all of us will have to face. Second, inequality in the world is going up.

The third is unpredictability, if uncertainty has a finite time limit, then predictability starts but today it is unpredictable you don’t know I mean the fact is that many of us in companies planning for 3 years, 5 years and 6 years but in current scenario if we realise that the next quarter, the next week, the next month is itself in jeopardy and we are not able to predict it as we have in the past. So, the continuous algorithm that takes 10 lines and puts forward projections for the future are now being increasingly redefined and we also have a huge opportunity and I think that is what as leaders we need to look at. opportunities for new business models, opportunities for the new propositions, opportunities for new services, opportunities to enhance the footprint of the organisation. opportunities for fresh engagements. All of these are finding a new paradigm for not only for work but also for the business that is coming up and that is probably the most exciting part of this Pandemic is showing up”.

“Agility is nimbleness and the capability to be able to adapt yourself with speed, reassurance and with resilience to a new circumstance. Agility comes in different contexts: Agility of mindsets, Agility in terms of options, Capability and Decisiveness. The capability of an agile leader post-pandemic is to be capable of changing the tyres of a car while in motion, that is the agility of the leader. No business leader has the luxury to be able to stop everything and then look at a new business model and new evaluation to come” he added.  

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