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Crime graph on the ascent in Ghatshila sub-division

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Ghatshila, Dec 5:  Incidences of crime have been on the ascent in Ghatshila Sub Division. Motorbike borne criminals have been constantly expanding the radius of their ‘playing fields’ by snatching mobile phones, cash, gold ornaments from people on road or breaking into houses to empty ornaments and cash before vanishing into the unknown. This may be attributed to the tepid response of the police who have not been able to trace the criminals on the basis of complaints lodged in the police station way back in October last. Instances of snatching and robbery have been regularly reported and the denizens of Ghatshila Sub Division are a worried lot and irritated over, what they called, police sluggishness.

On Friday, December 3, at around midday, bike borne culprits dashed Sunita Agarwal’s right foot near Ghatshila’s Dahigoda and snatched her gold chain and escaped. The victim said that she was returning home after attending a pre-wedding traditional festival.

On Saturday, December 5, three criminals escaped after snatching a bike from two persons who were residents of Dumaria and followed up the crime by snatching a cell phone from Khushi Kisku in Musabani before escaping. Kodashol on Musabani-Dumaria main road and on the bridge, three criminals riding in an auto rickshaw waylaid Chetan Kisku, a resident of Dumaria Palasbani, and snatched his bike and mobile and fled.  The bike was a black-coloured Hero Splendor. The criminals roughed up Chetan Kisku and took his bike and cell before escaping. A profusely bleeding Chetan Kisku was first taken to the Musabani police station where he filed his complaint and then sent to Kendadih Community health centre. He was administered first aid by the Centre’s Dr Vivek Mishra. Musabani DSP said that raids were being conducted to nab these criminals.

The criminals also robbed a black Splendor motorcycle on Dumaria main road. According to reports, the motorcycle owner had just parked his bike to collect paddy crops from his field and while he packed paddy criminals broke the lock of the bike and rode it away. Showing audacity, these criminals came to Sadakghutu village in Musabani and snatched Khushi Kisku’s android mobile phone as she was standing near house in Dhobani village. The girl stated that the snatcher had come on a black Splendor and the young man who had snatched her mobile had blood stains on the shirt he was wearing.  Khushi has filed a case of mobile snatching in the police station.

It may be mentioned, that the police have failed to locate the perpetrators of a snatching case that took place in Ghatshila’s Phuldungri on October 16, last. Two women were returning home with a flower plant from a nursery in Phuldungri, when three bike-borne criminals pointed pistols at them and threatened to shoot them. Phuldungri residents Shubhanti Devi and Dipti Mahto, out of fear, parted with ther gold chains and earrings while the snatchers whizzed away. However, the police had not yet traced the criminals till date.

Prior to these incidents, cases of chain and mobile phone snatching had been reported to the police stations. People are weary about the random cases of snatching but the police have thus far, not been able to nab the criminals that have fanned the people’s anger.

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