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Covid Vaccination: 3599 in 18 plus group get jabs in Jamshedpur on Tuesday


Jamshedpur, May 14: A wide-ranging vaccination campaign for people aged 18-44 continued across the state on Tuesday, May 18. In the same sequence, vaccination campaign was held at 5 centres in Jamshedpur. 

On day 5 of the drive on Tuesday, 3599 people were vaccinated at Loyola School, Tata Workers Union High School, Kadma, RVS Academy, Mango, Ram Krishna Mission School, Sidhgora and RP Patel High School, Jugsalai.  

There was a lot of enthusiasm among the 18-44 year old beneficiaries regarding vaccination at all the centers.

Altogether 3450 doses of Covishield and 400 doses of Covaxin were alloted for the day of which total 3599 people got vaccinated. Remaining 251 doses will be administered the next day. 

Of the 400 Covaxin doses allotted at Tata Workers Union High School, Kadma, 385 people were vaccinated. 

At Loyola School 2000 doses of Covishield were allotted and 1888 people were administered the vaccine.

Similarly RVS Academy was allotted 750 dose of Covishield, 690 people were vaccinated. 

Ram Krishna Mission School and RP Patel School were allotted 500 and 200 doses of Covishield respectively of which 459 and 177 people were vaccinated at the centres. 

Following the social distance at the center, vaccination was done to the beneficiaries. 

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