Sunday, April 11, 2021

COVID resurge in Jamshedpur: Do not press the panic button but definitely take precaution

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Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, April 8: In cases of contingencies, panic has never helped. The second wave of COVID has arrived and Jamshedpur alone has recorded more than 100 infections daily since the past week taking the total number of active cases beyond a disconcerting figure of 900 and still counting.

This is a contingent situation and instead of pressing the panic button, citizens should take precautionary steps by following the government protocols issued. A few of them like not leaving the safer confines of home unless some urgent work has to be attended, wearing mask while leaving home, avoiding crowded places and maintaining social distancing, using soap and sanitizers at frequent intervals and avoiding street side food and cold beverages, are not difficult to follow and neither do they require staunch willpower.

The district administration, police, JNAC, MMC, Jugsalai Municipality and TSUISL are alert and on their toes to ensure that the second COVID wave does not run amok with precious lives. The men are going all out to urge, warn and penalize citizens in a bid to keep denizens safe and healthy.

But for the initial hiccups the vaccination drive has been running smoothly with growing number of people queuing up to get inoculated at various government and private centres. Narayan Chaubey of Sitaramdera observed the other day, “I am 71 years old and have taken my first dose of vaccine. I did not feel uneasy at all after taking the shot. However, I am following government norms and taking all precautions. People of eligible age groups should not harbor any qualms and go for the vaccines.”

In spite of the administration’s close watch, there are truants who nonchalantly crowd market scenarios throwing caution to the winds. Some move around without masks (fortunately, blokes of this species are dwindling), elbow their way through to shops and stores or consume street food oblivious to catching multifarious infections. Bhaskar Sinha, a resident of Kadma was purchasing fish when this correspondent caught up with him. He was wearing his mask and rebuking the fish seller for not wearing one and was threatening to move on when the latter pulled it out of his cash box and put it on.

“These people will never understand the dangers of the situation which otherwise can easily be avoided by following the simple norms. Unfortunately, you can still see people breaking all guidelines as if these were normal times. No matter how hard the government or its agencies try, unless the people themselves realize their duties and responsibilities towards themselves, their families and the community, nothing will come of it,” he said angrily. And Bhaskar Sinha had a right to be angry.

At the Sakchi Market, quite a few shops were seen to have painted round markers for customers to maintain social distancing.

Down Kalimati Road at the Kasidih Chowk, police had set up a checkpost where people passing through were being scrutinized. One policeman on condition of anonymity observed, “We are here to ensure safety of the people. The scorching sun takes a toll on us but, at the end of the day, we would not mind our toil provided people obeyed the norms. We caught many without masks and reprimanded sternly. Well, we are doing our best and people should cooperate for everyone’s safety.”

However, in spite of the motor Vehicles Department passing strictures, auto rickshaws have been seen carrying passengers on the front seat, passengers without masks on the rear seat and sometimes even carrying more than stipulated number of passengers. One can tame a shrew but not some of these auto operators. Bishnu Shukla put it rather aptly by stating, “In the first place, the auto drivers should not allow passengers without masks nor take passengers beyond stipulated numbers. On the other hand, passengers must themselves protest seating of a passenger without mask. But then, you cannot awaken a person who is already awake.”

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