Saturday, October 16, 2021

Covid Jamshedpur: House to house survey continues in rural areas

Jamshedpur : House to house survey work is being carried out intensively by Anganwadi workers, Sahiyas and women of self-help groups for prevention of corona infection in rural areas. In order to prevent the spread of corona infection in rural areas, the survey team is conducting a RAT test by visitng to remote villages with test kits.

Pulse oximeters have been provided to Anganwadi workers, Sahiyas and members of self-help groups, who are checking the oxygen level of rural women and men with a pulse oximeter. Along with this, by going from house to house, identifying the people with symptoms of corona and preparing their list. In this sequence, the villagers were informed by the survey team about the symptoms of corona such as cough, cold, fever, body ache, headache and fatigue, diarrhoea, cramping in the stomach, not recognizing the taste or smell, if there is difficulty in breathing, to get the corona test done without delay.  At the same time, villagers are also being encouraged to take the Covid vaccine to prevent corona. 

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