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Countdown to Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry polls ticking away: Moonka, Sonthalia teams unwrap ‘promissory’ bags


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Jamshedpur, Sept 22: The largest organization of traders and entrepreneurs in Kolhan, the Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) with an approximate strength of 2,000 members, will go to polls for electing a new committee for the period 2023-’25. The e-voting process will commence on September 23 at 10 am and conclude on September 25 at 5 pm while venue voting at the Chamber Bhawan in Bistupur will be conducted on September 26 between 11 am and 5 pm.

With the countdown moments for the battle at the hustings ticking away, the two main factions, the Moonka-Kedia group and the Sonthalia-Vasani team are busy unwrapping their ‘promissory’ bags with their respective tags of assurances of pouring all possible benefits in the baskets of traders and entrepreneurs.

Recently, Moonka and team, at a press meet counted out all the achievements during the current tenure. On the other hand, Suresh Sonthalia, at a press meet in Rajasthan Bhawan in Bistupur on Friday, recalled the achievements that had been attained during his two earlier stints as SCCI President. The Sonthalia-Vasani team also brought up several issues that had been promised by Vijay Anand Moonka and his body of executives during the run up to the last SCCI election but had remained unfulfilled or unattended to.

Promises and assurances and running down rival wings are the unwritten codes when battle lines are drawn; it is in the power of conviction and convincing that ultimately count on ballot day. From the apparent look of the situation, both rival teams are oozing confidence and claiming all out support of voters but the confidence levels within may or may not be as rosy as is being painstakingly made out to be. Hectic meetings and parleys at the respective Moonka-Kedia and Sonthalia-Vasani election offices are carrying on for endless hours, giving strategies revised touches to suit the support pulse of each group. Add to that the canvassing for votes and the picture of a tough contest in the making becomes all the more clearer.

Who ends up on the winner’s podium may not be as easy to calculate for voters too are known to do a re-think before pressing the button of fate. They too have their groups and discussions therein tell on the final result.

The ticking of time and the beating of the heart best describe the situation as the time for the SCCI elections for 2023-’25 draws closer. All fingers are painfully crossed and will remain thus until after 5 pm on September 26. Till then, SCCI electoral candidates will continue to balance on the tight rope while walking towards a much desired victory that some will win and others will not.

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