Friday, March 31, 2023

Contract workers protest at XLRI


Jamshedpur , July 3 : Contract workers staged demonstration at XLRI. XLRI is currently in the process of changing its present contractor – AK Garden, who has been supplying manpower for undertaking housekeeping activities at the campus here.

Though it is a routine process of changing contractor, however, keeping the interests of all the 86 contract labourers employed by AK Garden, XLRI ensured that the new contractor absorbs all the contract labourers although XLRI is not under any such legal obligation.

Several attempts were made on XLRI’s part to comfort the contract labourers, clarifying their queries and listening to their causes of anxiety to make the transition smooth and hassle-free, the 86 contract labourers have not accepted XLRI’s means of resolving their apprehensions of losing jobs after change of contractor and possibly under the influence of unknown external forces preferred raising their concerns with the office of Deputy Labour Commissioner (DLC).

In their letter to DLC, besides other untenable claims, the group did not mind claiming that they were working as employees of XLRI. While XLRI fully empathizes with the contract labourers, XLRI management was shocked after seeing their sheer act of embezzlement.

Post the termination of the contract with AK Garden, XLRI did not leave any stone unturned to ensure that AK Garden complies with existing laws in settling the dues with all its 86 workers (contract labourers) as per law.

The office of DLC has commissioned a detailed inquiry and suggested that XLRI offer the service contract to a new contractor and advised all 86 contract labourers to start working with the new service contractor from 1 July 2018.

However, the contract labourers have shown unwarranted resistance and preferred ways and means including striking out, which XLRI management still wants to believe as a desperate act of innocent workers who are misled by some unknown forces.

Considering this as an initial hiccup, XLRI is still committed to saving their jobs by going with the service contractor who has committed to absorb all the 86 contract labourers although we understand that the new service contractor is under no obligation to do so. XLRI appreciates the new service provider’s gesture and will continue in its way to maintain peace and harmony.

The institute has remained committed to the greater good of working class in general and will continue to be so. The Institute will go by its values, which it vouches for and hence decided not to adhere only to the legal standards but deal with this matter more humanly and morally.

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