Sunday, October 1, 2023

Congress to make clean sweep in Gujarat: Chabban

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Jamshedpur : Senior Congress leader SRA Rizwi Chabban on Thursday said it the BJP has the contest of Gujarat election a prestige issue and expressed confidence that his party would win Gujarat assembly election. He said that it was surprising to see that Prime Minister was so desperate to campaign in a State election. He said that the Congress has been out of power in Gujarat since 1995. The people of the State are going to vote for a change this time. He also went on to add that communalism and dividing the society are in the DNA of BJP and RSS. The leader also said that the BJP had always resorted to divisive politics while the Congress had sought votes on development. He said the BJP had always tried to divide society into upper and lower areas to come to power. However, for Congress the country was one and party had never discriminated against any area of the state in terms of development.

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