Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Congress slams Jharkhand government on hunger deaths

Jamshedpur, Sept. 2: Congress State president Ajoy Kumar said Jharkhand has witnessed 10 cases of hunger deaths and the state has been ashamed all over the country. The state government is constantly trying to dump the death due to hunger to death due to illness. But the truth is that the state government is responsible for both death and hunger.

� The most embarrassing thing is that malnutrition is also kept under the category of disease by the administration. Then the question arises that the cause of malnutrition is unavailability of food or any other physical illness?,� he said.
The administration does not have any answer on this question, in contrast, some brokers of the society try to suppress the matter through the divisions. The second question is, how many social organizations survey the deaths of hunger, how can we lie down to the ‘hunger death’?

Kumar also targeted Union Government. He said that the country has come to know the truth about the decision of demonetisation. It has been clarified by the figures given by the RBI that the Prime Minister has given an opportunity to the industrialist friends to whiten the black money through the ban. The country’s economy also suffered heavy losses.

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