Monday, December 11, 2023

Congress leader accuses BJP of miss using Patel legacy

Jamshedpur: Congress has accused BJP of trying to use Sardar Patel’s legacy for political mileage and divide the society.

�BJP is trying to use the legacy of Sardar Patel for political benefits. It is also creating a divide in the society by accusing Congress of ignoring Patel’s legacy and promoting Nehru-Gandhi dynasty,� noted senior Congress leader SRA Rizwi Chabban.

He said that the saffron party�s claim that the Congress Party ignored Patel is baseless infact over the years the BJP was never reminded of Patel but only at the time of election the party recites his name for political reasons only .

The party rather should study history before making such claims he added. He said there is no dispute over Patel’s legacy inside the Congress.

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