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Committed to making a ‘Better Mango’: Jamshedpur MLA Banna Gupta


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Jamshedpur, June 26: Jharkhand health and Disaster Management Minister and Jamshedpur West legislator, Banna Gupta on Saturday visited several localities of Mango and directed East Singhbhum Deputy Commissioner, Suraj Kumar, JUSCO Ltd’s, Capt Dhananjay Mishra and MMC Special Officer, Dipak Sahay to draw up blueprints for improved drainage systems, extensive power supply connections, better road conditions, walkers’ pathway and other public facilities.

The Jharkhand Minister said that shopkeepers along the Mango-Dimna road would be provided better facilities to do their business. He said, “I am not a Neta (leader) but a Beta (son) and hence be sure that I will live up to the promises I have made to the shopkeeper brethren. You will get amenities to run your business properly.”

Banna Gupta said that his dream was to make Mango a ‘Better Mango.’ He said that an action plan to eliminate the bane of Mango residents in the form of traffic bottlenecks was in the pipeline.

The state minister further stated that many persons including the elderly residing along the Dimna Road had urged him to facilitate morning and evening walks as otherwise, the road was too busy and risky for such strolls because of heavy traffic. Banna assured, “Special roads would be laid and maintained properly for morning and evening walkers.”

While on the issue of educational avenues, the Jharkhand Minister said that the population of Mango was approximately three lakh but a paucity of educational institutions led to students running around for admission to schools and colleges. He said, “The Gandhi School is being converted to High School. At the same time, we are in negotiations with different educational institutions and corporate houses to open up educational institutions in Mango so that the students here too can avail of quality education.”

Health Minister Banna Gupta directed the officials to improve drainage systems as he felt that draining out waste water was a problem that demanded permanent solutions. He advised them to make out a working plan for better management of the drainage system.

Banna Gupta told MMC Special Officer, Dipak Sahay to ensure proper and regular sanitary upkeep of the entire Mango township. He said, “See that all drains are cleaned thoroughly and regularly so that monsoon waters can flow out smoothly. Pay close attention to the cleanliness of every road, colony and alley in Mango and give appropriate directives to the sanitary department. Ensure that no drain is clogged.”

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