Sunday, June 13, 2021

Colourful pandals adore city, give message of communal harmony

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Jamshedpur : From, green theme, replicating a thriving forest with a live python, animals, a pond and a banyan tree to Buddhist temple of China, to Red Fort Durga Puja is the time when the Bengalis are at their creative best.

The city has been decorated with colourful pandals that speak volumes about the talent of artisans.

Craftsmen from the city along with their counterparts in West Bengal have given shape to their creative ideas in the form of puja pandals.

When it comes to the celebration the creative talents of artists get a free flow, bringing out an array of interesting pandals by each of the more than 295 puja pandals in the city.

The pandal, which is grabbing the maximum attention, is Jairam Youth Sporting Club, Adityapur. With Ichagarh legislator Arvind Singh at the helm, this year, the Puja committee is focusing on ancient temple,
The plaster of Paris idol replicates wall carvings of Ajanta and Ellora.

“The concept is really nice. The puja committee has decorated the pandal beautifully. It’s really good when some organisers address such grave issues like environmental degradation with an artistic touch,’
said Avik Sarkar, medical student.

“Many Durga Puja pandals across the city are based on different themes the one at Kashidih is no less than a piece of art. It is common in our city to have a specially-created pandal for the worship of Durga,”
said Nirbhay Singh, president, Thakur Pyara Singh Dhurandhar Singh Puja Committee.

He went on to add that the puja committee has spent Rs 15 lakh to set up temple made of plywood and thermocol, cotton clothes and laces, while the goddess will sport an unconventional golden look. The rides at the fair are a great hit with youngsters.

“We are always thankful and grateful to the local people of the city for helping us to make this festival a success. It is actually a place where people irrespective of their origin, caste or any other kind of differences, come together and adore maa durga. It is metaphorically a celebration of humaneness,” said Piyush Sen, a senior member of the committee.

All puja pandals have given due importance to safety and security and have made all necessary arrangements to deal with any kind of inconvenience. Therefore, while the vast blue sky peeps behind the shy-looking clouds, denizens can roister beyond limitations this year during durga puja.

This year committees are chosing larger premises for the puja and that made this pandal possible.

Mahadev Mandal, a craftsmen hired on contract from Bengal, while putting finishing touches to a thermacol cut-out of a kalash said, “I used to make such decorations back home for the bigger decorators. When I saw that there is a good demand for such work, I joined a group that creates these structures. We have taken up a few projects this year and hope to receive good returns.

Members of puja committees informed that the craftspersons actually have an album of pandals to show clients. Once the client has chosen the structure, the craftspersons shop for materials, and gets started. The puja committees vie with each other to make the best of pandals.

“Pandals are an important part of the Durgotsav and we try to come up with creative ideas to attract the devotees,” said a committee member.

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