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CM briefs PM Modi on Jharkhand health preparedness for Covid third wave

Testing increased, vaccination pace intensified, curbs enforced to contain the infection: Hemant 

Ranchi, Jan 13: Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren briefed Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the steps taken by the state in strengthening health infrastructure to cope with the Covid pandemic third wave.

The Prime Minister, held a high-level meeting with the Chief Ministers of all the states, through a virtual medium, regarding the challenges arising due to the rapidly increasing cases of Covid-19 and the preparedness to deal with it.

Hemant Soren said as the number of infected is increasing rapidly, and there is need to be very cautious and careful. He told vaccination as the most powerful weapon to deal with Corona. The Prime Minister said that once again with the cooperation of the states, we will definitely emerge victorious from Covid-19 third wave.

The Chief Minister said that the State Government has contained the first and second wave of Covid-19 to a great extent through better management along with strengthening the health infrastructure.

“Similarly, all necessary and concrete steps are being taken to control the third wave. All such institutions and public places, including schools, colleges, gyms, parks, have been closed, from where the risk of spreading the infection is high. Necessary instructions have been given to the officials in this direction also so that there is no crowding,” said Soren.

Soren also stressed that the best way to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic is to take vigilance and caution. Along with making people aware in this direction, they are being made aware to follow the Covid-19 guidelines.

The Chief Minister said that due to backwardness and complex geographical area, the Covid-19 vaccination in Jharkhand has faced some challenges initially.

“But, by making a better strategy and expediting the investigation, the work of vaccinating more and more people is going on at a fast pace. So far 80 percent of the people in the state have got the first vaccine, the number of people who have taken the second dose is 50 percent. Apart from this, about 22 percent of the adolescents of 15 to 18 years have taken the first dose of the vaccine,” said Soren while informing the Prime Minister.

The Chief Minister said that 150 mobile vaccination vehicles are being used to speed up vaccination. Through this work is being done to vaccinate people in remote rural areas. He said that so far 30,000 people have taken booster dose in the state. The Chief Minister assured that the target of 100 percent vaccination would be achieved soon.

The Chief Minister said that in view of the third wave, the scope of Covid-19 testing has been increased. Earlier, where normally 30 to 35 thousand samples were tested in the entire state, today 80 thousand corona tests are being done daily.

State-of-the-art Cobas machines are also being used along with RTPCR in many districts for testing. He said that arrangements have been made for better treatment and medical kit with continuous monitoring of the infected living in home isolation.

The Chief Minister said that the cases of corona infection have also increased rapidly in Jharkhand. But, due to the action plan made by the government to deal with it, there is no atmosphere of panic and fear anywhere.

The Chief Minister said that since December 25 till now, 34 deaths have occurred across the state due to Covid-19. But out of these, 24 include people who were above 60 years of age. Apart from this, the other deceased were also suffering from serious illness in one way or the other. No person has died only due to corona.

In this meeting, the Chief Minister shared the preparations made by the government to deal with Covid-19. He said that in the initial phase of Corona, there were 250 beds in hospitals and other health centers, which has increased to 25000 today. . Apart from this, PSA plants have been installed in the districts as well as in the blocks, so that there is no shortage of oxygen for the patients. Oxygen concentrators are also available in sufficient quantity. He told that at present there are about 31000 active cases in the state. Around 1100 are admitted due to Covid in hospitals. Out of these, only 250 patients are in need of oxygen.

Expressing apprehension, the Chief Minister said that some people who have taken both the doses of the vaccine feel that they will no longer be infected. Because of this, they keep on moving in public places, markets and roads without taking any precaution. Some are also infected in such people, who are working to infect others and identifying such persons should be done by the Centre and the state.

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