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Citizens� Awareness Campaign for railway over-bridge at Jugsalai

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Jamshedpur, Feb. 22: A social media group Jugsalai Happening has launched a Citizens’ Awareness Campaign demanding the construction of a railway over-bridge in Jugsalai.

A signature campaign was also launched by the group, which is administered by Kishore Golcha. The road over bridge was a long pending demand of the people residing in Jugsalai, but the project is getting delayed with every passing day.

On February 2, a woman died due to delay in opening the railway crossing. The group has sent a letter to the railway minister for immediate action regarding the construction of an over-bridge.

Jamshedpur MP Vidhyut Baran Mahto and Jugsalai MLA Ramchandra Sais were also present on the occasion, in addition to Murlidhar Kedia, Nagendra Pandey, Prakash Joshi, Anil Modi, Manik Malik, Deepak Balotia also supported the cause.

On the occasion, Kishore Golchha, Manav Kedia, Dinesh Agarwal, Udit Agrawal, Pawan Sharma, Rahat Hussain, Vijay Goel, Sanjay Sharma, Babban Sharma, Lippu Sharma, Anis Kirwal, Kanhaiya Singh, Ritesh Kedia, Manoj Goyal, and Anup.

President of Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SCCI) Suresh Sonthalia said that the road over-bridge is a long pending demand of the people residing in Jugsalai.

As a train passes through the adjoining Jugsala in every 15 minutes, it needs to drop the gate at the level crossing often causing traffic congestion.

The district administration and railway authorities have recently showed the plan of the proposed road over-bridge project to the local residents whose buildings would be affected by the project.

However, majority of the locals who will be affected by the project have given their consent for the construction of the road over-bridge.

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