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Children should be narrated tales of Bhakt Prahlad, Bhakt Dhruv: Acharya

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Jamshedpur, Nov : On the fourth day of Shri Bhagwath Katha being held at the Pritam Memorial Maidan on Slag Road in Patel Nagar, Bhuinyadih narrator and elucidator from Vrindavan, Acharya Hariji Maharaj discussed the chapter on Bhakt Dhruv and Bhakt Prahlad.

 In his discourse, the Acharya explained, �God�s presence is everywhere and in every living form. None can perceive His presence except devotees who take His name constantly. God is within you and can see and knows everything. Those who have God in their heart, mind and soul will always find Him helping them to tide over difficult times.�

Acharya Hariji Maharaj stated that Lord Shri Krishna appeared in many forms through the ages and yugas as Bhakt Prahlad, Bhakt Dhruv and as the mischievous child Krishna. He then provided an elaborate discourse on Krishna Lila. He gave a very emotional and deeply involving narration on Bhakt Prahlad and Bhakt Dhruv. He told the devotees present, �If you want to inculcate true devotion to God, you should inculcate the habits of Bhakt Prahlad and Bhakt Dhruv. In order to initiate good moral and social values in children, they should be told tales of these two Bhakts. They should be taken to Satsangs (devotional congregations) more often to provide them the opportunity of learning the basic values of life. We should also learn about respect and honour from Lord Shri Ram and only then can we be initiated to the path of Lord Shri Krishna.�

The week long Bhagwath Katha has been organized by Shri Hari Govind Seva Samiti. The hosts for today�s session were Govind Saroj, Dr SK Tiwary, Shanti Tiwary, Savita Sinha, Hansa Saroj, Hari Om Saroj, Nand Singh and Dilip Singh.

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