Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Chakradharpur college students get exposure of R&D environment

Jamshedpur: A group of 21 students, B.Sc. 1st year, from Jawaharlal Nehru College, Chakradharpur accompanied by one teacher Prof. Arbind Pd. Pandit visited CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur and interacted with scientists and research scholars this morning under the aegis of Jigyasa- CSIR-NML School Interactive programme. The students were thrilled to visit the laboratory and interact with the working group.

The programme was scheduled for 5 hours, which comprise CSIR & NML, Documentary film show and Laboratory visit. Dr. P.N. Mishra, Principal Scientist, welcome the students and teacher and briefed them about the programme, discussed an overview of CSIR and NML, also explains about natural resources like ores, minerals, rocks and its value for the development of our Nation. Dr. S.K. Mandal, chief scientist and coordinator of the programme discussed about role of CSIR-NML and different functional division and units which were helped to carried out Research and Development towards gainful utilization of natural resources. Further a lab visit programme was organized to provide more exposure of R&D environment. S.N. Hembram, Sr. Technical Officer helped them during laboratory visit.

Dr. J. Konar, Sr. Technical officer explained about the role of Analytical Chemistry Centre in R&D and discussed about different instruments like Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS), Direct Reading Spectrometer (DRS), GAS Analyser etc. for the their application in testing and analysis of minerals, ores and metals.

Soni Jha further explained, the classical methods for analysis of natural resources and also explained about the use of Muffle furnace and Moister Oven. Students interacted and asked number of questions and got satisfactory answer.
P.K. Roy, Sr. Technical Officer, explained the role of Materials Testing & Evaluation Division and its activities, discussed about fatigue, creep, fractures prevailing in different types of industrial components. Students got exposure of different machine like Servo Hydro Testing Machine, Servo Electrical Machine and Furnace.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Mohanty, Senior Scientist explained the products which were developed by NML for the protection of metals, made up of brass, copper and silver and different alloys. He also explained the reason for discolour of metals after long exposure in the environment.
Students further visited to the E-waste unit. Dr. Manish Kumar Jha explained the different process and activities pertains to the extraction of valuable metals from different electronic appliances with experimented samples. Students got excited to pursue research in e-waste area and they have asked questions and further sorted it out.

Students were surprised to have glance on the 69 years� history of NML at museum and they asked different question based on sample and poster pertaining to minerals based product and facilities.

Teacher and students requested for their next visit to the laboratory to gain more knowledge. Teacher expressed his view and was satisfied to know about the consistent effort and given emphasis on research for various industrial sectors towards the development our society. At last, teacher acknowledged and extended his sincere thanks to CSIR-NML authorities for providing such nice opportunity to visit NML and observe various R & D products, facilities and their expertise in the area of minerals, metals and materials science.

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