Monday, December 4, 2023

Cases of theft on rise despite police claim, residents live in fear

Jamshedpur: The Steel City has seen a sharp rise in the number of burglaries in the past few weeks. The areas lying on the periphery of the city are the worst-hit with people living under constant fear of a robbery.

Though shopping malls, complex and showrooms have beefed up security arrangements at their premises but still cases of thefts are on rise. The authorities of complexes have also appointed extra security personnel and nights guards as a part of preventive measures but thieves are on prowl.

The first two months recorded the highest number of burglary incidents at 89 and 84, respectively. While March saw 66 cases of burglary, April has recorded 39 theft cases so far. “We still receive reports of theft from the town and are working out ways to curb such incidents,” said an officer of the rank of deputy superintendent.

It is widely being assumed that the decline in police patrolling owing to the ongoing Lok Sabha elections gave the robbers a chance to carry on with their activities. “It is true that several of our policemen have been sent for election duty to different parts of the state. This may have affected night patrolling to some extent, thereby giving the miscreants a leeway. But it would be incorrect to say that patrolling was completely hit in the vulnerable zones,” said the DSP.

Various residential colonies under Mango, Azadnagar, Baghbera, Olidih, Sonari, Telco and Sidhgora police station areas, in particular, have been identified as vulnerable zones with the maximum number of burglary incidents having been reported from here.

Police, on the other hand, maintained that night patrolling in the affected areas has been intensified to check burglary incidents and few additional measures will be introduced further.

“All such measures, including special drive, that require to be taken to curb robbery incidents will be taken up by the city police,” said a deputy superintendent rank police officer. Despite efforts, cases of thefts and burglaries have become a regular affair in the city. In the last 48 hours alone several cases of stealing and shoplifting have been reported in the city.

“We have installed Close Circuit Television, (CCTV’s) but that does not work 24-hours. Moreover we have appointed extra security personnel and night guards to keep the vigil on thieves but still we are worried,” said an official of a shopping complex.

“There has been a spurt in petty crimes in the city. We have been successful in arresting quite a few thieves involved in the reported cases but I think there is a need to ensure proper night watch. We are planning to increase the movement of mobile police and vigil,” City SP, Karthik S. Meanwhile, break-in in shops, thefts from scooter or motorcycle carriers and pick pocketing are at an all time high.

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