Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Cases of road mishaps on the rise at Marine Drive

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Jamshedpur : The project of marine drive along the Kharkai and Subarnarekha rivers through Kadma and Sonari has given rise to series of fatal road mishap.

According to information about seven persons were killed and two others injured in separate mishap
on this nine-kilomertre stretch of the marine drive since January 1 this year, giving rise to the belief that
the marine drive no longer safe for the pedestrians, cyclists and even the twowheeler riders.

Lack of deployment of police personnel is also one of the reasons for reckless driving. Marine drive links
the steel city to Adityapur through Adityapur toll bridge on the one side and to NH-33 through the Mango bridge on the other side.

Moreover there is not a single speed-breaker despite the fact that over a dozen slums exist along the marine drive.

Senior superintendent of police, East Singhbhum Amol V Homkar admitted that the vehicles, especially the cars and SUV run at a great speed sometime and they have plans to make the ride through the marine drive safer in mishap point of view.

“We are working on the project. We tried our best to solve the issues but we cannot go on extending the
project deadline over encroachment issues as there are logistics involved.

We have resolved to go ahead with the construction of roads with a reduced width of lane on one side on
the disputed site,” said an official.

Road construction has been completed in almost 90 per cent of the 10 km stretch. Notably, the 10-kilometres long marine drive is being set up to keep the steel city free from the movement of heavy vehicles from inside the city.

The Rs 120 crores worth project which comes under the Tata Steel’s Wester Corridor Project was started in
June 2012 and was scheduled to be end by June 2014.

But due to the encroachment hurdle along Kadma side, the work wassuspended at the side where there was encroachment.

It may be mentioned that in view of the expansion plans of Tata Steel and other Tata Group companies in Jamshedpur, Tata Steel Limited had engaged reputed Consultant M/s L & T Rambole and M/s Consulting Engineering Services of Delhi to do a transport study of Jamshedpur.

“The marine drive connecting Adityapur Toll Bridge at the Kadma end and the approach road on the Kadma end to the toll bridge constitutes the marine driveproject.

We expect from January next year, the marine drive will be fully operational,” said the officer on condition of
anonymity. Notably, a motorable marine drive from Kadma connecting to Mango bridge was set up in 2006
with the work lying pending at several stretches of the marine drive due to encroachment hurdle.

But after Adityapur toll bridge became operational in July 2011, leading to the plying of heavy vehicles on the marine drive, the condition of the marine drive deteriorated fast.

As a result of which the Tatas prompted to initiate step for reconstructing of a fourlane marine drive.

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