Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Carnival a fabulous concept to bring people together: Tanushree Shankar


Jamshedpur : One of the leading dancers and choreographers of contemporary dance in India, Tanushree Shankar has been taking the Shankar technique of “New Dance” to international audiences.

In the city to participate in Jamshedpur Carnival she said that basically she comes from an army background and her father was a doctor. There was no dance anywhere in my family whatsoever but she had a very strong passion for dancing.

Happy to be in Steel City she said that carnival means coming together and enjoying. It is a fabulous concept which brings everybody in a city together. She said that music is a ‘sadhana’ (meditation) and you have to be a dedicated student to learn the art and then constantly upgrade yourself with time.

She noted that teenagers must know the value of aesthetic arts. The youngsters find Indian dance boring but if seen that way even studies are boring, so why not we make learning dance interesting.

“I was very carefree during my growing up years without much restrictions being imposed on me. I did not have any ambition, but my husband motivated me from an early stage.

He wanted me to find my own identity. I was very laid back as a person. He would keep telling me that if an opportunity came my way, I should not let it slip out. He thought I had talent and I must not waste it.

Internationally reputed dancer Tanusree Shankar is the choreographer and the chief inspiration of the troupe bearing her name. Tanusree, who was trained for seven years under Amala Shankar, has developed a kind of choreography, which reaches out to audiences worldwide.

Her choreography is not a combination of classical dances, but is outstanding and original, giving concrete shape to the music that inspires it and is based on the Shankar technique of “New Dance”, following the path shown by Uday Shan kar.

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