Thursday, January 21, 2021

Campaign against Vishu Sendra commences

Jamshedpur, May 7: In order to raise awareness against participation in the annual ritual hunt, Vishu Sendra on May 16th, the Forest Department of Jharkhand has appointed Sumansa, an environmental NGO, to conduct an awareness campaign targeted at residents of villages in and around Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary.

From May 4th till May 16th, Sumansa will organise a series of nukkad nataks at various villages in the vicinity of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary which the epicentre of Vishu Sendra. On 4th May, the team organised a nukkad natak at Makulakocha village which is located with the Sanctuary.

More than 200 villagers witnessed the street play whose theme was protection of jungles and wildlife and how their destruction will lead to destruction of mankind.

On May 6th, the team organised the awareness campaign at Hamsada and Kathjor villages in Chandil Block of Saraikela Kharsawan District where more than 150 and 250 people from the two villages respectively enthusiastically came to see the programme. Interestingly, most of them were women and children who witnessed the play and took an oath at the end of the programme to protect the forest and its animals.

In the days to come, more such plays will be organised at Dahubera, Chelliama, Haludbani, Bhadudih, etc.
The campaign was developed by Mrs. Seema Rani, Biologist cum Education Officer – Tata Steel Zoological Park along with Sumansa who have been organising awareness campaigns at the behest of the Forest Department against Vishu Sendra for the past five years.

Over the years, there has been a perceptible reduction in the number of animals hunted and it has been noticed that the villagers in and around the Sanctuary have realised that forests of Dalma are not what they used to be and deforestation and hunting have had an adverse effect on their livelihood.

The team involved in the awareness campaigns comprises of Seema Rani, Sandeep Raj Singh, Roma Samanta, Iram Khanam, Kiran Munda, Vidhan Sharma, Bhanu Priya, Priya Kumari, Sumit Kumar Mahato, Atul Boipani, Jyoti Birua and Vinay Kumar Pandey.

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