Sunday, February 5, 2023

Campaign against illegal parking along NH-33 in Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur, Mar 10: Mango Municipal Corporation officials has decided to start a campaign against those vehicles who encroach NH-33. 
After  carrying out drive against vendors who encroach footpaths along NH-33 illegally by setting up makeshift shops the officials have decided to start a drive against those vehicles who park their vehicles between Pardih and Baliguma alongside NH-33 in an irregular manner. In the drive on Wednesday, the driver and owners of such vehicies were strictly warned that if their vehicles is found again parked along NH-33 then they will be fined as per law along with seizure of their vehicles. 
The drive was led by ADM law and order, Jamshedpur, N. K Lal, district transport officer Jamshedpur, Dinesh Ranjan and Mango Municipal Corporation official Deepak Sahay wherein it was found that due to illegal parking of vehicles including buses, trucks and trailors alongside NH-33 was causing traffic congestion leading to problem for commuters. 
Public were informed through public amplifier against parking vehicles along NH-33 otherwise they would face penalty and seizure of their vehicles. 


  1. Two CMs from Jamshedpur. After Jharkhand formation, majority period ruled by BJP. NH33, 130kms Ranchi to Jamshedpur, pending more than 10 years, not completed. No safety for passengers. No constructive approach or proper appeal made by MPs or MLS or corporate companies of Jamshedpur to expedite for a better shape of NH33.
    In Jamshedpur, no footpath for pedestrian. Farmers compelled to sell vegetables on drain covers. No roads for commuters from Mango to cross suwarna rekha bridge, always jam with commercial vehicles. No road map or efforts made to facilitate safe and free passage of commuters.
    70% revenue in Jamshedpur pumped by Gulf workmen, residents of Mango. Unfortunately, no roads, no city mini bus service, no hospital, no government schools for poor children to get primary education.
    As per population, area wise, no public amusement parks. No check on auto services and their activities. 60% fake autos running in Jamshedpur.

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