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Burglars target coil packaging company at Sundarnagar and house in Mango

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Jamshedpur : Gangs of burglars went on theft spree by decamping cash, gold ornament, computers and laptops from a house in Mango and a company premises at Sundarnagar, in the wee hours of Thursday.

The thieves targeted the house of Dilip Singh at Chandravatinagar under Ulidih police station area in Mango, the other incident took place at a steel coil packaging company near the Sundarnagar petrol pump.

In the incident, the burglars took away a computer and two laptops beside a car camera by breaking open a steel coil packaging company at Sundarnagar in the fringe area of the city at the wee hours today. The company manager, Kanchan Giri has lodged an FIR with the Sundarnagar thana, complaining of the burglary.

Dilip Singh, who is a transporter said when the family members were in deep slumber at the house, burglars entered into the house and took away Rs 1.5 lakh cash and gold ornaments worth over Rs 3.5 lakh in the wee hours today.
The transporter said he woke up at about 5 am, when he found the front grill door open. But soon afterward they all discovered that there was a burglary at the house.

He said there was a security guard at the Chandravatinagar, , but he claimed to have not seen anyone in the colony.
A police party led by Ulidih police station OC, Ashok Paswan had visited the spot.”A burglary has taken place at Chandravatinagar. We are trying to detect those involved,” said the OC.

The residents of Chandrawatinagar met the senior SP, Anoop T Mathew at his office and registered their protest as the burglaries are taking place on regular interval at that colony.

One of the residents, who had accompanied the protestors, said the SSP to have assured that he would ensure that such incident will not take place again at that colony.

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