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Bollywood singer Neeraj Sridhar to perform at XLRI’s 40th MAXI Fair

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Jamshedpur, Jan. 8: The two-day extravaganza MAXI Fair is set to come to life on January 12 and 13 at the XLRI Football Field. Day-1 will be the Cultural Night which will end with the performance of the in-house music club, The Bodhi Tree and Day-2 will host yet another captivating pro-show by none other than Neeraj Sridhar, the voice behind many popular tracks, including Love Mera Hit Hit, Twist, Tum hi ho Bandhu, and more. Neeraj Sridhar has been the voice of many A-list Bollywood actors including Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan.

With a host of events like Jamshedpurís favourite Family for the most adored household of the town, Happy Jamshedpur Healthy Jamshedpur with an aim to make the city fit, Art Attack to hunt for the creative bunch of kids, Mrs. & Miss Jamshedpur for the beauties with brains, Dance Mania for the ones with who know how to make dance seem like a poem, Master Chef for those who know that the way to win someoneís heart is through food, and Kids Fashion & Dance shows for them to display their cuteness and quirkiness, the Fair has something to offer for all age groups.

The Marketing Association of XLRI, or MAXI as it’s fondly known as, is the oldest committee on campus. Established forty-six years ago, in 1971, MAXI’s mandate has been simple – to popularize the field of Marketing at XLRI and ensure that fun and quirkiness are an integral part of the entire process. This is achieved through a mix of competitive events, talks, interaction sessions, conferences and of course, the world-renowned MAXI Fair.

It is often said that Marketing is something that needs to be experienced rather than studied, and MAXI uses this as one of its guiding principles. All events conducted by MAXI are designed to give students a deep, working insight into what Marketing is really about. MAXI is possibly the best-known and most respected committee, both within and outside XLRI. This standing is a result of constant innovation – be it in the more famous form of MAXI Fair, or other initiatives like Mindscapes – India’s first seminar on the applications of Behavioral Research in Marketing.


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