Tuesday, January 19, 2021

BNMH operates patient with large dumbbell spinal tumour

Jamshedpur, Jan. 13:  Brahmananda Narayana Multispeciality Hospital (BNMH), Jamshedpur successfully operated a patient with 6.5cm x 3cm large dumbbell spinal tumour. Recently 34 years old Bhawani Shankar Pani resident of Sinni, East Singhbhum was admitted to BNMH with the complaints of inability to stand & walk & not able to pass urine & stool since last two months. He was completely wheel chair bound with not even flickering movement of both lower limbs.

Before reporting to BNMH, the patient had taken multiple medical advices from a number of local doctors but was not relieved of his complaints. Then he came to know through his acquaintances about BNMH Neurosurgery department. Dr Maharshi, Consultant- Neuro & Spine Surgery, Examined the case and investigated with spine MRI, which showed large intradural extradural spinal tumour at D6 – D7 vertebra shifting the spinal cord to one corner of spinal canal and extending out of Spinal canal just beside lungs.

Dr Maharshi, Consultant-Neuro & Spine Surgery planned and executed the operation at BNMH. The tumor was 6.5cm x 3 cm in dimension extending from spinal canal to extradurally in paravertebral region. The tumor was grayish red in colour, highly vascular, solid in nature. On Histopathological examination, the tumor was identified as meningiothelial meningioma.

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