Friday, January 27, 2023

BJP questions opposition partiesĺ silence on proposal to deny reservation benefits to converted Adivasis

Jamshedpur: BJP State Spokesperson Pratul Shahdeo has questioned that why the opposition parties are silent over proposal to deny reservation benefits to converted tribals.

He expressed his surprise that the Opposition parties have kept quiet on the issue of tribal communities. He said that former Chief Minister Hemant Soren organises press conferences on all issues but why he is silent on the issue of depriving benefits to converted tribals.

He said that even Congress state president Ajoy Kumar also addresses press conference. But he also does not say anything on this issue. He said that Babulal Marandi is also just trying to save political existence by hold press conferences.

But he too is surprisingly silent on this issue. All the main opposition parties in Jharkhand dance in the hands of Christian missionaries. Christian religious leaders decide their political agenda.

But when talks are made for giving rights to local tribals, they turn their backs. Shahdeo said that when the investigation was underway on the NGOs receiving foreign aid, it also provoked the Christian religion gurus. At that time not a single opposition party condemned it.

Shahdeo said that all opposition parties should clear their stand on this issue. However, he said that the stand of the Opposition on this issue is clear they believe in the vote bank and the politics of appeasement. He challenged the opposition parties and said that all the opposition parties are not in favour of tribals.

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