Friday, March 31, 2023

BJP draws DC’s attention to dangerous road condition at Tinplate crossing


Jamshedpur, Sept 24: Senior BJP district vice president Appa Rao has, vide a letter to the Deputy Commissioner, East Singhbhum drawn attention to the wretched road conditions at the vital Sakchi-Telco route on the Tinplate crossing and the one adjacent to ABM College leading to the Golmuri petrol pump.

In his letter to the DC, Rao has stated that the huge crater like condition at the Tinplate crossing has been witness to several accidents involving mostly two-wheelers. He complained that when passersby and locals take the injured to the nearby Tinplate Hospital, the medics and staff there express reluctance to attend to them, sometimes only leaving the injured with minor first aid attention.

The district BJP vice president stated in the letter that occasions like the Durga Puja festival saw manyfold increase in traffic flow along this Sakchi-Telco route and Tata Steel and JUSCO had always ensured repair of this road much before festive periods.

But, of late, road repair along this stretch has not been carried out as a result of which the craters and potholes have assumed dangerous proportions with chances of major accidents occurring any time. “Sometimes, drivers of vehicles spot the potholes at the last moment and while they apply sudden brakes, the vehicles at the rear also stand a chance of crashing into one another because of the suddenness.

Rao has requested the DC to urge Tata Steel and JUSCO authorities to repair the damaged portion of the road at Tinplate Crossing and also the one adjacent to the ABM College to ensure safe traffic movement along the busy routes.

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