Saturday, December 9, 2023

Bhagat Singh�s life should inspire youth: Jamshedpur BJP President Gunjan Yadav

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Jamshedpur: The Mahanagar BJP today organized a commemorative meeting at Jemco Shahid Bhagat Singh Chowk where the statue of the martyr was garlanded and floral tributes paid on the occasion of the his 113th birth anniversary. BJP Mahanagar president Gunjan Yadav said that the hero of the independence revolution Bhagat Singh had shaken the roots of the British regime. He said, �Bhagat Singh gave the ultimate sacrifice in defiance of the British rule. He smiled his way to the gallows at the prime of youth. His life, dedicated and unmitigated love for the motherland and her people should serve as an inspitration for the youth who should mould their attitude and mentality to serve the nation in their respective fields of pursuit. It is for the youth to come forward and build a nation that immortal and legendary martyrs of the level of Bhagat Singh had dreamt of.�

Others who were present on the occasion were Dinesh Kumar, Mithilesh Singh Yadav, Kulwant Singh Bunty, Appa Rao, Sanjiv Sinha, Babua Singh, Anil Modi, Prem Jha, Pankaj Sinha, Amarjit Singh Raja, Suresh Sharma, Chanchal Chakraborty, Dhruv Mishra and others.

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