Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Baby born with heart outside chest battles for life

Jamshedpur : A new born baby born with his heart outside of his chest is battling for life at MGM Medical Hospital.

The baby was born in Mamta Vahan on way to the hospital was rushed to hospital by desperate father. The new born is suffering from a condition known as Ectopia Cordis, which causes the heart to be abnormally placed inside or outside of the body, most babies die within hours of being born.

“His parents are lucky the baby is still alive even after infection as it has spread to all body parts. We are trying our best to save the baby,” said doctor.

The parents Ravindranath Pramanik and Kavita Pramanik also reffered to Brahmananda Hospital, where doctors have sought Rs 1.5 lakhs for surgery.

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