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Attack on trader in Mango: Police get strong clue, daughter-in-law interrogated

Jamshedpur : Police probing into attack on trader Kailash Agrawal at his house at Subhas Colony in Mango have got some strong clue to the firing incident.

The police late last night picked up Agrawal’s daughter-in-law Puja (25) and took her into custody for interrogation. After carrying out the interrogation, the police released her on PR Bond.

Officer-in-charge, Mango police station, Budhram Oraon confirmed that they had picked up Puja for probing in connection to the Mango firing incident in which her father-in-law Kailash Agrawal (58) was seriously injured.
“Yes we interrogated Puja for a long time and released her on the PR Bond.

We are investigating into the case and since it is under investigation we will not reveal as to what did Puja say during the interrogation to the police because we have to find others’ involvement,” said the officer-in-charge.

” As per our probe, the attack seems to have been plotted by Puja. She must know the shooters. Once the shooters are detected the case will be solved,” said the police officer.

The police officer said they had taken out the call details records (CDR) of Puja’s cell-number two days ago and from it they had got important clue in the case. Then only they decided to take the young woman into custody for interrogation.

Kailash Agrawal who has two shops at Mango market was shot at and critically injured by a gang of three criminals at the his house in Subhas Colony in Mango on January 30 morning.

The police suspected her as she had earlier claimed that the three criminals had barged into Agrawal’s house on that morning had visited the same house three days ago when none except her was at home. Secondly, when one of the three criminals trained gun at Puja for snatching her gold-chain on January 30 morning, she fled the spot easily.

“We are yet to find out the criminals who entered at Agrawal’s house at Subhas Colony in Mango on January 30 morning. So far we have concluded that the attack was not intended to commit loot as the armed criminals did not take anything even after inflicting grievous gun-shot injury to Agrawal.

But we suspect the criminals must have attacked the trader due to rangdaari,” said deputy superintendent of police (headquarters-I) KN Mihsra.

The three criminals , who entered over the house of trader Kailash Agrawal at Subhas Colony in Mango on Monday morning, had also visited the same house three days ago, requesting to stay on rent. Another section of police officer maintains that there must be some family link to the gun-shot attack on Agrawal, but they are focussing on the loot angle at the first instance.

Notably, Agrawal was injured when a gang of three armed youths barged into his house, located at the extreme corner of Road No 3 in densely-populated Subhas Colony. The criminals had shot at Agrawal, causing him to get seriously injured, but the reason behind such a crime taken place in Mango.

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