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ASIA elections on May 16, industrialists pinning hopes on development

Jamshedpur : The Adityapur Small Industries Association (ASIA) gears for its biennial elections scheduled to be held on May 16.

The industrialists are pinning hopes on development. Sources informed that names of Praveen Gutgutia and Rupesh Katiyar, are doing the round as the serious candidates for the post of ASIA president.  The sources said a new executive committee will be formed soon after the elections are over on May 16.

Former ASIA pesident, Pramod Kumar Singh said that the entrepreneurs operating at the Adityapur industrial estate to select an able candidate for heading the industries body as the over 600 members have several aspiration from the the ASIA’s new executive committee during the ensuing tenure.

Several of the small and medium enterprises based at Adityapur industrial area, Asia’s leading industrial hub, that are on the expansion mode are forced flee state in the wake of indifferent attitude of the state government towards the SMEs.

About a dozen odd ancillary units of automobile major Tata Motors have either shifted there base outside state or are in the process of moving out in the backdrop of poor response of the state government.

Post economic slump rise in the production target of the auto major, Tata Motors has in turn delivered ample opportunity to the ancillary units to increase its production capacity and go for expansion but lack of land required for the plant expansion is taking its toll on the entrepreneurs.

Restraining from divulging the names of the units that have discreetly moved outside state the industry representative just informed that about four ancillary units have shifted their base to Pune (Maharashtra) Panthnagar (Chhattisgarh) and Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) while at least seven are likely to shift their base outside state in the current fiscal. 

“Land is the crucial aspect of any expansion plan and if the government doesn’t pay attention on time than hardly there is any reason for the entrepreneurs to stay for long,” added SN Thakur.

For long the industrialists have been seeking cooperation from the state government in addressing their grievances particularly on specific issues of land, electricity water and road.

“The work order is pouring in after several months of lull owing to economic slowdown and now at the height of the work pressure we are running to AIADA (Adityapur industrial area development authority) every now and then for early breakthrough in our expansion plans,” said Arjun Agarwal, an entrepreneur who deals in manufacturing nuts and bolts of the truck’s wheel.  

Meanwhile, when approached AIADA, secretary informed that securing land from the owners that too, for industrial purpose is not easy in the state however industrialists are free to negotiate with the land owners for the purpose though AIADA itself is thoroughly engaged in this exercise. 

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