Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Art Camp screens documentary, budding artists learn techniques


Jamshedpur: Day two International Art Camp witnessed a beautiful rendition of vibrant colors. The artists were charged up and were in a colorful mood. Also, it was the first day of the two day art camp for the junior budding artists. Over the years ‘Off The Wall’ has been providing a stepping stone to all the junior artists in and around the town.

It gives them a platform where they can interact with renowned artists, learn techniques and skill from them and above all to see the maestros paint is a visual treat in itself.

About 25 junior artists registered for the camp. The youthful excitement, fun and dedication added a different flavor to the camp. The special attraction for the day was a documentary film by eminent artists N.B Gurung from Nepal, Md. Kauser Hussain Masud from Bangladesh and Amitava Mukherjee from Ranchi. These were slide shows depicting the life of these artists, their journey with art, evolving as an artist and above all their ART.

N.B Gurung says “an artist should always try and make his signature which will make his identity differ from other artists, artworks can resemble each other but an artist’s signature always marks his/her individuality, an artist is successful only when he is recognized by his art.”

Masud also has the same views but he adds that “change is the only constant, an artist should not be stagnated, he should keep on challenging his technique and caliber, so that he does not become outdated, one should be contemporary to the society.”

The students were quite happy with such an interaction, but were also bogged down with many patiently which were quietly answered by the artists. Mukherjee happens to be a man of wisdom, he beautifully explained the children the difference between working under someone and to be an artist.

Mukherjee is an eminent sculptor from Ranchi who has created more than 250 sculptures, which are displayed in various places of Jharkhand. Mukherjee says that an artist is like a halogen bulb, whose brightens enhances with every passing day, an artist never retires because you can never take out art from within an artist.

The young artists were charged and enlightened to hear from the masters themselves, and were highly motivated as well.
Besides art, the artists were also keen to witness the beauty of Jamshedpur, at the outset of winter it happened to be an outing and picnic for all the painters out there.

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