Saturday, December 9, 2023

Armed robbers loot valuables worth rs 10 lakh at Muthoot finance�

Jamshedpur : Armed robbers looted valuables worth rs 10 lakhs from��Mango branch (Jamshedpur) �today afternoon.�

The staff, as per their usual routine, was doing their daily business. �During the afternoon, the dacoits who were impersonating themselves as customers entered the branch.

Before the staff could act or raise the alarm, the dacoits overpowered and beat the guards and staff and held them captive. Being mid-afternoon, none of the customers were present.

Officials said we have extended full co-operation and support to the police officials and will ensure that appropriate action is taken against the culprits.

At Muthoot Finance, our topmost priority is to safeguard the interests of our valued customers. We would like to assure all our customers that they will not face any financial loss since the stolen gold is insured.

We are utmost believers in trust and consistently strive to ensure that the culture of trust that Muthoot Finance has upheld for several generations remains unchanged.

We will go an extra mile to extend the necessary support to all our branch staff who received serious injuries while protecting the customers valuables. Though the particular branch is temporarily closed but it will soon return to its normal pace.

All efforts are being undertaken to ensure that such incidents do not arise in the future.

We will issue another statement as soon as the culprits are apprehended.

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