Saturday, September 30, 2023

Anti-terror operation in Kashmir: 5th day, 100 hours & counting

Himalayan Paths

Anantnag: It’s the fifth day now, and for over 100 hours, Indian forces have been engaged in a fight with Pakistan-backed terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir’s Anantnag district.
The encounter with terrorists in Kokernag Jammu and Kashmir’s Anantnag has stretched to the fifth day, with
Thousands of troops, including para commandos, have been locked in a continuous gunfight inside the dense forests of Gadol in Kokernag, reported NDTV.
The treacherous terrain and dense foliage are an ally of the terrorists, who are obviously well trained in jungle warfare and managing to test the Indian troops and prolong the encounter.
Since the ‘battle’ started on Wednesday, three Army officers and a senior policeperson have lost their lives in their attempt to neutralise the terrorists.
Hence, security forces are proceeding with great caution, determined not to incur any more casualties.
“Every effort is made to ensure that the terrorists are neutralised without any collateral damages,” an official said.
The Indian Army is using tools like weaponised drones, which are being strategically employed to target terrorist cave hideouts.
According to intel inputs, two to three terrorists, including self-styled Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) commander Uzair Khan are resisting the Indian forces.
“Our forces persist with unwavering resolve as they encircle 2 LET terrorists including Uzair Khan,” Jammu & Kashmir Police said.

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