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Annual state conference of IAPSM at Tata Manipal College Jamshedpur


Jamshedpur, March 25 : The first annual state conference of IAPSM at Manipal Tata Medical College Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, was successfully hosted today by the department of community medicine of Manipal Tata Medical College Jamshedpur and the Indian Academy of Preventive and Social Medicine (IAPSM). The department head, Dr. Jarina Begum, organised the event with the help of the dean, Dr. Sunita Tripathy, and the director of academic administration, Dr. Rajiva Dwivedi.

The chief visitors included Dr. Purushottam Giri, secretary general of IASPM, Dr. Harivansh Chopra, national president of IAPSM, and Dr. Birendra Kumar Singh, deputy director of health services for Jharkhand.

The Special Word of the Blessing was spoken by Lt. Gen (Dr.) M.D. Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor of Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

The scientific session was centred on the theme “One Health,” addressing preventive, promotive, and curative aspects of diseases prevalent in communities like childhood malnutrition, vaccine-preventable diseases, measles-rubella, HIV, etc. The scientific session featured eminent speakers from across the country as well as experts from WHO, UNICEF, JSACS, JHPIEGO, and ALLIANCE INDIA. An overview of the competency-based medical education curriculum and a panel discussion on the family adoption program’s implementation in medical colleges were also included in the activities.

The purpose of the conference was to spread knowledge about and advocate for the idea of “One Health,” which highlights the interdependence of human, animal, and environmental health.

A holistic approach to healthcare that acknowledges the interdependence of all living things, and their shared environment was discussed at the conference, which brought together healthcare experts, veterinarians, environmentalists, lawmakers, and other stakeholders.

Renowned healthcare experts and academics who spoke as the keynote speakers provided their perspectives on the prospects and difficulties of implementing the “One Health” strategy in the healthcare system.

The meeting made clear the importance of working together to confront new threats to global health such zoonotic diseases, antibiotic resistance, and environmental deterioration. To effectively address these issues, the participants stressed the significance of taking a multidisciplinary approach that includes healthcare experts, veterinary professionals, environmentalists, lawmakers, and other stakeholders.

Dr. Harivansh Chopra, National President of IAPSM, remarked, “We are thrilled with the enormous response to the conference. The “One Health” approach is gaining popularity, and we are dedicated to spreading this idea and assisting in cooperative initiatives to improve health outcomes for all living things. The conference included a range of academic session styles, including twelve oral presentations of original research, twelve poster presentations, and nine scientific sessions. The awards for the top oral and poster presentations were presented at the conference’s closing session. Almost 200 persons attended this event in addition to Dr. Sunita Tripathy, Dr. Rajiva Dwivedi, Dr. H.C. Bandhu, Dr. Vijay Kautilya, Dr. Sudhir Rai, Air Vice Marshal (Retd.), Dr. Jarina Begum, Sidharam Halikhed, Kshitij Mohan, and many others. As the conference ended with vote of thanks by Dr. Abhishek Kumar, organising secretary. Priyanka Singhal, PR, led the whole event

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