Saturday, December 2, 2023

Anandmargi Thakur Singh passes away

Jamshedpur : Anandmarg Pracharak Sangh�s public relations secretary Sunil Anand�s father Takurji Singh has died on December 5 at Tata Main Hospital.

His funeral took place on December 6. Funeral process started from his residence near Sonari Kabir temple.

Self. Takurji Singh Buxar district of Bihar were Ngwa village life. In 1955, he Anandmarg institution spiritual upbringing Lee.

Self during the Emergency in 1975. Jamshedpur Takurji Singh went to jail for Anandmarg institution. Self. Takurji Singh’s entire family are followers of Anandmarg. Self.

Filled with five son and three daughters behind Takurji has left the whole family.

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