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An early preview of Winter for Jamshedpur, temperature to dip further

Jamshedpur, Oct 28: Temperatures are beginning to get lower across Chottanagpur plateau region and the Meteorological Department predicts that minimum temperatures are likely to fall further by two to three degrees in many places because of this. The winter has started setting in.

The meteorological office at Jamshedpur said that night recording of temperature is hovering around 17 to 18 degrees Celsius. Though temperature in the city hovered between 20 degrees Celsius and 22 degrees Celsius in past week but it has reduced recently sending bitter chilling experiences to the people.

A senior weather analyst said that said frequent low pressure formations over the Bay of Bengal coupled with western disturbances had hampered the flow of the north wind over Jharkhand, causing the warm temperature. However, things now look favourable due to the dry wind, which is blowing from Rajasthan through Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

 �It’s suddenly become cold and one needs a jacket now at night. Temperature has become cool of a sudden and we are enjoying every moment of it,” said a resident.

According to local Metrological department the Celsius, which is three degrees below normal would witness more dips in the days to come.  The officials said that similar conditions will continue to prevail in the city in the coming days.

An official of Meteorological Office said  the minimum temperatures would continue to fall because of the prevailing wind pattern. People are also looking forward to variety of fruits and vegetables flooding the market and possibility of prices going down further. Woollens have started flooding the markets and malls, but due to uncertainty of onset of winter, the demand is yet not visible.

Residents have been feeling the change in weather conditions. “We are not using the AC from past few days. The weather has become pleasant both in mornings and evenings,” said a homemaker at Kadma.She noted that she can feel the nip in the air during morning walk. Winter seems to have come a bit early this year.

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