Thursday, December 7, 2023

Air pumped into youth�s body, Kin complains to DC

Jamshedpur, Nov 3: A Bizarre story of young boy wanting to gain weight by filling the body with air has come into light.

The boy Rohan Kumar asked his friends the remedy to gain weight in oredr to look fat and was told to fill his body with air.

The accused boy Tanvir Ali who told about filling it with air used to fill vehicle tyres with air through generator.

Tanvir along with his friends filled up so much air inside the body of Rohan that in many parts of his body his skin ripped off and was admitted to TMH were doctors scared that only operation is the solution.

On Monday the victim Rohan along with his family met DC Dr. Amitabh Kaushal and informed the same.

Rohan�s family informed that they don�t have money to pay for his operation. According to reports,the operation will cost around Rs 75000. DC has ordered investigation of the incident.

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