Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Adolescents and youth addicted to whitener, dendrite

Congress OBC cell urges DC to counsel such addicts

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur: The district Congress Committee OBC cell today held a demonstration in front of the Deputy Commissioner�s office today demanding counseling sessions for adolescents and youth dangerously addicted to whitener, dendrite, cough syrups and other unusual forms of intoxicants. Such addicts are committing crimes for money to buy intoxicants.

The OBC cell protestors said that whitener and dendrite are readily available with stationers and to prevent addicts, the DC was urged to arrange counseling sessions for them.

The district Congress Committee OBC cell demonstrators included general secretary Abdul Wahid, Dipak Gupta, SK Kamlesh, Parvati Sharma, Dipak Sharma, Shanu Singh, avi ranjan Sharma, Sushil Kumar, Tinku Prasad, Dilip Prasad, Kiran Devi, Priti Kumari, ita Devi, Suraj, Dinesh Kumar, Srikant, Chandra Shekhar Sah, Sen Gupta, Raman Khan and Pramod Kumar.

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