Thursday, December 7, 2023

Adivasi Samaj leaders deplore tribals� condition

Chaibasa, May 18: Adivasi coordinating committee meeting was chaired by former MLA Bahadur Uraon at Circuit House at Chaibasa on Tuesday.

Addressing the gathering, former MLA Devendra Champia said that the rights of Adivasi are being weakened day by day and the situation has worsened after the formation of Jharkhand.

The educational qualifications of Adivasi youths are deteriorating. The people are facing displacements. The provisions made within the Constitution for the Adivasi welfare are being slowly eliminated by well conspired plan.

The forest, water and land are being occupied by outsiders and Fifth Schedule has been made a mockery. The most prestigious Adivasi body �Tribal Advisory Committee� is being occupied by outsiders.

Champia emphasized to fight against all theses injustice with unity. Former MLA Mongal Singh Bobonga said that in this country Adivasi are attacked politically, socially, culturally and economically.

Bahadur Uraon said, �We must make our society free from alcohol consumption then only we would be able to develop the Adivasi Samaj.� The meeting was attended by a large number of Adivasi Samaj.

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