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Aap ke Dr Ajoy Kumar, back to Jamshedpur in new avatar?

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Sept 19: A medic preferring to wield a revolver instead of the scalpel, Dr Ajoy Kumar had an effective stint as an IPS especially in East Singhbhum after fluttering many feathers in the political-criminal nexus during his tenure as super cop in Patna. It is believed that Patna�s loss was East Singhbhum�s gain as it was at a time when criminals were ruling the roost unchecked in this district of Bihar. Dr Ajoy Kumar straightened things out in the twinkling of an eye. Denizens began breathing easy once again. Streets once again had a vibrant look after sunset and criminology yielded place to sociology. Dr Kumar�s handling of goons and guns made him a folklore hero and his name continued to be taken with reverence long after he emerged out of his khakis and donned the corporate suit working in high administrative capacities for internationally famed industrial houses.

But the corporate suits proved too cramped and the tie too suffocative. And then the infallible Dr Ajoy did what nobody had expected him to do � he joined the big, bad, world of politics where he has taken a beating. He joined JVM, won a parliamentary seat and in 2014, he was dropped like a piece of hot coal whether by the party or the public is an unconcealed enigma. He should have learnt his lesson and gone back to treating people with political and viral ailments. But no, this tiger had tasted blood. He preferred to pitch in his bag of political progression (?) with a stranded Congress boat laden with mutinous sailors rowing in all directions except North. So distorting good old Julius Caesar and quoting abstractly from Dr Ajoy Kumar�s mental frame after being mauled by the quadrangular angles of a party that has sold its ideologies of ancient and recent forefathers to the Devil by his divisive disciples, it would read more like, �I came, I wept, I cankered.� Poor Doctor who could not do justice to patients was meted out injustice by the impatient Shylock scions who wanted each other�s pound of flesh, blood and all. Soaked in slime and silt of ignominy in the stagnant and leaking Congress boat, he abandoned this with his pants of that wee bit of self respect on and swam across the swampy river on to another bank of prospect.

There was still time for the good Doc to redeem himself by going back, meditating and then resolving to cure people including those bitten by wily wolves of the political woods. But nay! Truth is truth and not stranger than fiction. Politics is known to make stranger mindsets. The Doctor has gone bonkers. He has lost out on good sense as the evil of political games has taken grip on his mind. Other politicians were laughing at him and now, his admirers too have put on that taunting smile. �Et tu Brutus� they are asking and rightly so of a man who had given confidence a new name while serving as the Police Super of East Singhbhum between 1994 and 1996.

The whiff that he had become one of the aadmis of Aam Aadmi Party may be his seventh stop in the fall from public grace but the sad part is that a man with potential promises has landed in the dustbin of rotten political aspirations. With AAP he has undergone his seventh incarnation � from a dedicated cop, to a two time company executive, to JVM, Congress and now AAP. He may soon assume the tag of Dr �Vishnu� Kumar in his seven avatars! Will he be the AAP candidate from the Jamshedpur West Assembly constituency? Well, maybe but then�

Amen for super cop Ajoy Kumar, a man of morals sold to political immorality!


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