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36th Jamshedpur Book Fair at Rabindra Bhawan between Nov 11 and 20


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Jamshedpur, Nov 9: The 36th Jamshedpur Book Fair will be organized by the Tagore Society on the vast lawns of Rabindra Bhawan between Friday, November 11 and Sunday, November 20. Reputed Indian and international publishers will set up 67 stalls to cater to every quest with prices to suit every purse.

Addressing a media meet, Tagore Society’s General Secretary, Ashis Chowdhury said with humble beginnings, today, the Jamshedpur Book Fair has assumed the status of a much desired annual encounter with a fascinating world of books. “Literary purists, poets, authors, students, institutions and lovers of the written word mingle with the congenial atmosphere and move around stalls looking for books that cater to their needs.”

Chowdhury said that books written in Hindi, English, Urdu and regional languages will be on the shelves of the 67 stalls of reputed publishers. Books on the sciences including medicine, technical terrain, photography and cinematography, history, religious texts, poetry, short stories, plays and novels by popular and upcoming authors will be available. “With the electronic media the in thing, the demand and love for books has not dwindled. Booklovers look around for text, matter and subjects that can be pulled out for authentic reference any time, any day, any year. One booklover had once told me that the joy of turning the pages and the unique smell of new pages and prints can never be replicated by the electronic media like smart phones and computers.”

The Tagore Society General Secretary stated that individuals, schools and other educational institutions, libraries and corporate houses had ensured that the Jamshedpur Book Fair became an annual affair. He said that nothing could replace the effectiveness of print. “To the young ones, I would suggest that they come out of the world of their electronic gadgets and step into the wide horizons of books. There is so much to learn, so much to read and so much joy awaiting them that can never be accommodated in even the latest electronic gadgets like smart phones, laptops and computers. Please come and discover the difference yourselves,” averred Ashis Chowdhury, the General Secretary of Tagore Society.

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