Thursday, December 7, 2023

Ranchi: Every month 21 unidentified bodies are being recovered in Jharkhand. In the last 51 months, 1039 dead bodies have been recovered from different districts of the state, which have not been identified yet. Maximum 265 unidentified bodies have been found from Railway Dhanbad and 125 from Railway Jamshedpur.

According to the information, 72 hours have been fixed for identification of unidentified dead bodies. An advertisement is published in the newspaper within 72 hours of the body being found. In relation to unidentified dead bodies, the clothes, colour, attire and appearance are published. But in most of the cases it is not identified. It is published under CIG (Crime Investigation Gazette). By releasing the body after waiting for 72 hours, the police are free to conduct the last rites at its own level or this work can be given to any organization.

Cases of unnatural death (UD) are often registered when unidentified bodies are found. However, if the police feel that the head has been crushed or there is a wound on the face, then cases of murder are also registered. When no clue is found, the report is sent to the court without any truth. Many times it also happens that after murder, the dead body is thrown at another place. If the deceased were not from the surrounding area, they would not have been identified. If the body is not identified within 72 hours, it can be released from police action and sent for cremation.

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