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20 Kg ‘Pipe Bomb’ recovered in Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum

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Jamshedpur, June 8: In a significant breakthrough, the security forces have successfully recovered a powerful ‘pipe bomb’ during a joint operation conducted by security forces in a Maoist-affected region of West Singhbhum. The recovery of this potentially devastating explosive device has once again highlighted the challenges faced by security agencies in tackling the menace of Maoist insurgency in the area.

The joint team of police and security personnel recovered a cache of explosives. Four IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and a 20-kilogram pipe bomb were seized from the hilly forests of Ajandbeda-Patataraob.

The police recovered two IEDs weighing 5 kilograms each, two IEDs weighing 2 kilograms each, and a 20-kilogram pipe bomb planted by the Maoists. The Superintendent of Police (SP) of the district, Ashutosh Shekhar, considered this operation a significant success in the campaign against Naxalism and informed that a search operation has been initiated in the bordering areas of Tumbaha, Ajandbeda, Goilkera, and the villages of Maraadiri under the Setonnto Police Station area starting from May 27. In the course of this operation, the explosives were discovered.

According to sources, the operation was carried out by a specialised team of personnel from the local police force, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), and other security agencies. Acting on intelligence inputs about the presence of Maoist cadres in the region, the joint team launched the operation with precision and managed to seize the explosive device.

The recovered pipe bomb, described as a highly dangerous and sophisticated explosive, has the potential to cause extensive damage and loss of life. The bomb was found hidden in a remote area known for Maoist activities, further indicating the involvement of Maoist insurgents in its production and intended use.

Senior police officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that the recovered pipe bomb was carefully concealed and booby-trapped to maximize its destructive capabilities. They further emphasized the importance of neutralizing such threats to maintain peace and security in the region.

The recovery of the pipe bomb is seen as a major success for the security forces, as it not only prevents a potential attack but also disrupts the Maoists’ plans to carry out acts of violence and intimidation in the area. Authorities believe that the seizure of this explosive device will severely hinder the Maoist group’s operational capabilities and send a strong message that their nefarious activities will not be tolerated.

In response to the incident, security has been beefed up in the surrounding areas, with additional forces deployed to ensure the safety and security of the local population. The police have launched a thorough investigation into the origins of the pipe bomb and are working tirelessly to identify the individuals or groups responsible for its production and placement.

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