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13 bike riders on way to Uttar Pradesh nabbed in Jamshedpur, sent to quarantine

The youths were coming from Visakhapatanam 

Jamshedpur, April 6: Acting strong against lockdown violators, the police nabbed a group of 13 youths who were riding bikes back to their homes in Uttar Pradesh from Visakhapatanam. They were caught by the local police at a check point under Sundarnagar police station area on Monday morning.

The police detained the youths at the Sundarnagar police station and sent to a quarantine centre at Mosabani this afternoon.

OC, Sundarnagar police station, Jagdish Prasad said that these youths used to carry out petty business in Visakhapatnam and would stay at rented houses there.

” During interrogation we found that these youths who are residents of three separate districts of Uttar Pradesh had stayed at their rented house till April 1 after the lockdown was imposed on March 25, but they wanted to meet their family members during this prevailing situation led them  suddenly to leave Visakhapatanam early on April 2 morning for reaching home by riding bikes,” said Prasad.

The OC said they were on five bikes.  He said they are trying to find out how come they were manage to ride 800 kms having crossed Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, but as they were riding through the Hata-Tata road, they were stopped at a check-point at Sundarnagar and were rounded up.

“We have seized the five bikes which belonged to the youths and subsequently arranged for their departure to the Mosabani-based quarantine centre. Before sending the youths, we gave them food.” said the OC.

According to information, a doctor has been assigned to look after the Mosabani-based quarantine centre and instructed to take the swab samples from all the 13 youths put up there. The 13 youths have been put in the quarantine centre for 14 days and we have also instructed a doctor assigned for that quarantine centre to take swab samples to be sent to MGM medical college for examining.

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