Monday, January 30, 2023

Watch: 110 m high Chimney of Tata Steel Jamshedpur demolished in 11 seconds

Jamshedpur, Nov 27: Tata Steel successfully carried out the scheduled controlled implosion of a 110-metre (tallest in India) Battery #5 Chimney at Coke Plant, Jamshedpur on Sunday.

The implosion was executed as planned and completed in 11 seconds by our contract partner, Edifice Engineering, India supported by Jet Demolition, South Africa. After the implosion, an inspection was carried out by the Edifice Engineering team with Tata Steel. Drones were deployed to survey the surrounding areas post implosion and no damage has been reported to property or people. 

Measures to ensure effective, safe and environment-friendly implosion were taken. Essential emergency services like ambulances with doctors, fire tenders and emergency response teams were stationed at the site and drones were deployed to survey the surrounding areas during the implosion. Tata Steel team was continuously monitoring dust, noise and vibration levels to ensure safe and environment-friendly execution. Noise and vibrations from controlled implosion were minimised using advanced technologies to ensure that no damage is caused to the Plant, equipment and personnel.  Emergency preparedness plans and evacuation procedures were in place to address any eventualities.  
In the coming months, the Company will execute implosions of the obsolete Coal Tower and Battery #6 Chimney at the Coke Plant. 

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