Saturday, April 1, 2023

100 Sita-Ashok saplings planted at Anandmarg School


Jamshedpur, July 19: School students planted 100 sita ashok (Saraca asoca) medicinal plants at Anandmarg School premises in Gadra, Rahargora on Tuesday, July 19.

At the event Dr. Ashu informed about the rare variety of Sita ashok plant and appealed the parents to plant the sapling in their homes.

A red and light yellow colour flower in the plant is of medicinal importance.

At the event Sitaram, Sunil Anand, Indu Devi, Amit, Karthik Mahato, Balram, Kishore, Rambali SIngh, Laxman, Devraj and others were present.

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