Sunday, June 13, 2021

Zubin Irani addresses students of XLRI, emphasises on concept of ‘localization’

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Jamshedpur : In continuation of leadership series, the class of XLRI PGDM (GM) was addressed by distinguished Zubin Irani, President Building & Industrial systems at United Technologies India and President CII, North region.

He opened the session in his inherent charismatic way and shared his take on the Indian economy. He was optimistic on the economy outlook of India and supported the need for further reforms on continual basis.

Speaking from the perspective of manufacturing sector, he stressed that business should be made easy and that could be done only if supply base is developed.

He emphasised on the concept of ‘localization’, which will help companies in bringing down the cost, reducing the lead time and coming up with product designs which will be suited for Indian market.

While emphasizing that businesses exist because of consumers, he underlined on why and how value should be added to customers and how being solution savvy is important in achieving customer satisfaction and running businesses successfully. He further pointed that a firm can adjust the existing portfolios to add value to customers.

He also shared his insights and experience on people management. He addressed that how because of young workforce who has more information and who asks questions, the need to handle people in unconventional way has become important.

In addition he emphasized that setting of vision, effective communication and transparency is indispensible. He further added that high credibility and ‘walking the talk’ is something that earns respect.

He further brought forth the need of striking balance between long and short term priorities and between delegating work and having a direct involvement.

He closed the inspiring talk by telling the students to follow their heart and passion and to choose a career path that excites them.

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