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XLRI students reach out to underprivileged kids


Jamshedpur, August 31: Continuing their social activity to build a sound and sustainable society, 4 students from XLRI, Jamshedpur organised an interactive session on career and general awareness for students from class 6-8 at Tinplate Andhra School.

As a part of the social initiative, these first year students from XLRI, went to multiple schools like the Tinplate Andhra Club school and Prem Jyoti Prangan School over a span of 15 days and took different sessions with children about various subjects like Mathematics, general awareness and did career counselling as well.

They also conducted small games and quizzes and distributed prizes to the children. In one of the sessions, another group conducted a small skit wherein a stranger was interacting very kindly with a kid named Guddu but this stranger moved onto pressure Guddu by taking him somewhere; Guddu being a smart kid hit the stranger and screamed cried for help he ran away at the very first opportunity of escape. The kids were taught how to stay safe from such situations and more.

“Somewhere in the process of teaching the children, we nurtured the child that exists within each one of us”, said Shubham, one of the 4 students of the leading B-school, who was part of the initiative.

Another aim behind these sessions was to reach out to the underprivileged children and identify the key areas where they need help when it comes to education.

According to the students who took the sessions, the children in these schools exceeded their expectations when it comes to general knowledge and awareness. They were extremely enthusiastic and keen to learn more, something us adults somewhere lack.

The principal of Tinplate School, Mr. Sinha, appreciated the program saying that XLRI has always been the frontrunner in carrying out such social initiatives and the children have always loved being a part of these activities.

They help in the overall development of the kids and help the administration gain insights on what areas they can improve upon. The sessions ended on a high note with children requesting the groups to come back every week.

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