Saturday, December 2, 2023

XLRI organizes �leadership series�, Sameer Nigam addresses students

Jamshedpur : XLRI Jamshedpur kick-started its first chapter in leadership series today at XLRI Campus, Jamshedpur. The leadership series is aimed at bringing the best possible minds from all walks of life for aninspiring and interactive session with the students at the campus.

Sameer Nigam, managing director at Stratbeans Consulting Pvt. Ltd. was invited as the first speaker of the leadership series. He is an IIM-A graduate and has 16 years of rich experience in IT and business services.

Speaking on the occasion, he stressed on the need to think more towards improvement in the social conditions of the nation. He emphasized on three important points which can help an individual in achieving goal of his life.

�Make some ideas, create some ideas and work on them� was his first message to the management students at XLRI. He encouraged the audience to focus on their ideas and not to get disheartened by mistakes or failures. Secondly, he advised the audience not to think always to get things right first time. He gave examples of great scientists and philosophers like Socrates, Ptolemy, Copernicus and Einstein.

All of these eminent personalities have always thought differently and creatively and were never bogged down by failures. Lastly, he impressed upon the need to have �bias for action� in one�s life. Many of us do have great ideas and plans but those will be of no use if we don�t try to implement our thoughts into action. The most important is to try as we all know that failure is just a stepping stone to success.

Nigam also shared his journey as an entrepreneur which he started six years back in Jan, 2008. He spoke about the difficulties he faced in his journey and how he overcame them.

He also gave heads up on his current venture, StratbeansConsulting. The company is coming up with its latest office in Dubai next month and has plans to open offices in different locations across globe in coming few years.

In keeping up with his expansion plans, Mr. Nigam also hinted at going for aggressive recruitment from premier B-schools across the nation. He has set his sight on making his venture,Stratbeans Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a 500 crore plus company by 2017.

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